July 2014

Littlefield Beaches

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July 1st at the pool TNC BDay for Steve 26 days early Randolph Parade and Fireworks July 3rd
July 4th Cookout and Concert on the 6th Ed Todd Golf and Lunch at Doyles July 8th Site 14 at Littlefield Beaches
First Campfire and morning cribbage game Turkey Dinner at the Wintermutes Golf at Paris Hill - Lebanese Cookout to end the day
Laundry Day Cribbage Thursday Night at the Funky Red Barn Friday Morning at the campground
Golf at the Bethel Inn Bruce Arrives and Cribbage Night Molly Ockett Day Parade
Visit by Bruce and Free Red Dogs Scenic Mountain Views Bernard O'Kane Memorial Golf the 21st
Players in the Bernard O'Kane Memorial Golf Putter Award Ceremony Bernie's Putter Stan's Chicken Smoker and Campfire at Site 14
Bob's Turkey Dinner raining - lets go in the Wintermutes RV Funky Red Barn 2nd visit Campfire Elaine and Marion bundled up
July 25th Dinner at the Rooster Roadhouse Saturday Stan and Sandy Leave for Vermont We are Leaving in the Morning Site 14 Cleanup
Concert in Bethel Yankee Brass Band Happy Hour at Alex and Aloha's Campsite Site 14 Roo and Jeep ready to Leave
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