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FMA at Smokey's 01-03-20 Zoom Meeting April 3rd Zoom Meeting April 24th *****
2015-19 Pics of Brocky's Burgers Golf and Burgers at Brocky's August 14th Another Friday FMA Gathering at Smokey Bones Nov. 15th
Smokey Bones Gathering Feb. 23rd Golf and Burgers at Brocky's August 15th Golf Outing at Blue Rock Resort Sept.30th, Brocky's Awesome Shot on 18
13 Charter Members at Smokey's Nov. 2nd A Visit with Joe Kane and Dinner at Luciano's Dec. 6th *****
Randolph Cinema - Patriots Day Movie Jan. 18th Smokey's Lunch March 3rd Visiting Joe and Barbara Kane May 24th
Remembering Fred as we Celebrated our 75th on May 24th Dave,Al,Dave and Jack Toddie Golf and Brocky's Burgers and Dogs August 9th November Friday at Cedar Hill and Smokey's
2006 Events Remembered Taking Barbara out to lunch and visiting Joe 11-28-17 *****
Smokey Bones Gathering Jan. 22nd Simon of Cyrene Society Golf Tournament June 24th Ed Todd Golf at Easton CC Aug.3rd
Acushnet Golf Burgers at Brocky's Aug.10th Golf and Smokey Bones October 14th Smokey Bones Gathering Dec.16th

Elaine Stadfeld RetiresOfficial Member of FMA Jan.23, 2015 FMA at Smokey's Feb. 13th Joe Kane's 78th Birthday Party March 26th
Cedar Hill Golf May 15th Champion Golf Belmont CC -June 11th Golf and Burgers at Annettes Aug. 5th
Brockmans Golf and Burgers Aug. 19th ***** *****

Blue Hills Brewery/Turnpike CafeMarch 7th FMA Golf at Old Scotland Links June 3rd Blue Devil Scholarship Tournament June 7th
Wentworth Hills Golf Day June 18th Brockton Rox Game June 25th Ed Todd Golf and Lunch at Doyles July 8th
Pawsox Game Aug. 5th Golf at Acushnet and Marc's Cookout Cedar Hill October 31, 2014
***** Smokey Bones Lunch Dec. 12th *****