...FMA Club...

..."Fellowship My A.."

A group of retired educators who believe that working for a living is the foundation of America.

Now that we have already done that, it is our firm belief that getting out of the house,

golf and lunch at Smokey's are the foundations, for most of us, for keeping our sanity.

Today's Date:

Last FMA gathering at Smokey's on Dec. 24, 2021....SEE PICTURES on the Link below

On Each Friday see you at Smokey's
- meet for lunch - bar opens at 11:00.

FMA "NEW" pictures FMA Pictures 2021 - Lunch on Dec.24,2021

- Birdie Photos will be available at a later date

"Quest for the Ball" Birdies page updated by Pete

Webmasters footnote:

This will be updated at least 24hrs before any scheduled activity...... don't call me, just bring up this damn page and find out for yourself.